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8th Grade Fitness Trip Eligibility Requirements for 2018-2019


1. Students will write a 1 page paper on the importance of lifelong fitness to be submitted to the fitness teachers no later than December 1st.  

2. No 3’s or 4’s in conduct in Fitness or Health class during their 8th grade year.

3. No D’s or F’s during the 1st 3 quarters in any classes in 8th grade.

4. Each student will complete the 5 fitness tests in Fall and Spring.

a.            Mile run (cardio)

b.            Sit ups (muscular endurance)

c.             Pull up (muscular strength)

d.            Sit and Reach ( flexibility)

e.            Shuttle run ( speed & agility)

Students will need to show improvement of fitness level or maintain scores in healthy fitness zone in 4 out of 5 physical fitness components from Fall to Spring. ( fitnessgram formula) ( link to healthy fitness zone standards)

5. Students with physical accommodations will be evaluated as listed below:

  • A. Cardio- Students will walk for 5 minutes and measure the number or steps using a Fitbit tracker. OR  Students may also increase the number of minutes maintained in yellow zone using the heart rate trackers through any physical activity. They will do a pre and post test in spring and fall.
  • B. Muscular Endurance- increase their number of curls ups in 1:00. ( test without accommodations)
  • C. Flexibility- increase hamstring flexibility using sit and reach ( test without accommodations)
  • D. Muscular Strength-Students will choose a muscular strength activity to be performed.
  • E. Speed- Shuttle run test ( test without accommodations) or cup stacking (increase average time it takes to stack and unstack 10 cups ( those who cannot perform shuttle run)

6. All students who meet requirements will then be added to a raffle and 20 girls and 20 boys will be randomly picked to go on the trip.