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Beginner Band is an opportunity for 6th grade students who did not participate in band at Kensington or are new to the district to learn a band instrument and "catch up" to the rest of the 6th Grade Band.  This class meets Mods 18/19 for the 1st Quarter and then students are filtered into one of the main sections of 6th Grade Band.  Students (with the help of parents) choosing to participate in the Beginning Band option must be willing and able to do several things:

  • Choose an instrument with the guidance of Mr. Komperda
  • Procure an instrument, book and accessories from a reputable source (see Instrument Resources tab or Band Handbook); please ask Mr. Komperda if you have questions about getting an instrument- do not purchase something sight unseen (i.e. eBay, Craigslist)!
    •  Note: students MUST have instruments by Labor Day
    • Again, contact Mr. Komperda if you have questions/concerns
  • Demonstrate their ability to participate as a positive active member of an ensemble
  • Work hard in class AND at home to learn everything that is necessary to join the full band
  • Seek out help from Mr. K if needed
With everyone's help, we will have a great experience and get a fast start on our instruments so that students can experience the joy of playing in a large performing ensemble starting in November!
Students will need:
  • Instrument in good, working condition (valves oiled, corks greased, etc. BEFORE you sit down to play); case must have luggage-style name tag on it
  • 1” 3-Ring Binder with 5 dividers & blank, lined paper; NO plastic sheet protectors
  • Music
    • Standard of Excellence (Book 1, "The Red Book")
    • Scale and Rhythm Chunks (available at Rettig Music)
    • Sheet music as assigned
  • Pencil(s) with eraser
  • Accessories as necessary- cork grease, valve oil, cleaning equipment (soft cloth, swab, cleaning rod- depending on instrument), etc.
  • PERCUSSION- sticks/mallets in good condition (see website under Instrument Resources)
  • REEDS- multiple good reeds, reed holder ***Please note that reeds are not available for purchase through the school district. Reeds may be purchased through any music store, and both Rettig Music and Educator’s Music deliver to the school every week.
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Private Lessons
I highly encourage that all students take private lessons on their instrument . . .