2021-2022 UPDATED Information


2021-2022 UPDATED Information

General Nutrition Services Information:

Lunch is available for purchase at all four district school buildings each day.  Goldwood Primary School and Kensington Intermediate School offer cold Bistro Box meals for lunch. The High School and Middle School offer hot and cold entree selections each day.  The price for lunch district wide is as follows: 

  • $3.30/full pay students. 

  • $.40 cents for students who were approved via an application for reduced meals.  

  • $0.00 for students who were approved via an application  for free meals. 

If you believe your family qualifies for free or reduced price school lunch please apply at lunchapp.com or contact Tina Wasserbauer at 440.356.6000 for an application.  

All lunches are served with milk to drink (included in the meal price).  

Nutrislice Information:  

Directions for setting up student accounts on the Nutrislice app are on our district web page. 

  • At the RRHS and RRMS, Nutrislice is used for informational purposes only.  There is no pre-ordering at this time. Students make their daily meal selections when they enter the cafeteria at lunch time.  Nutrislice will let students know what is on the daily menu, what common allergens are present in foods and the nutritional content of each meal being offered.   

  • At Goldwood Primary School and Kensington Intermediate School, Nutrislice is used to pre-order student lunches. Lunches for these two buildings are made at RRHS and shipped to GPS and KIS every morning.  It is imperative that your children’s correct information (name, grade and classroom) are entered on their accounts. This will ensure they are receiving the meals that are ordered.  

The student account is charged when the meal is picked up at lunch. Meals are not charged to the student during ordering. More information on this topic under EZ Pay Information (below).

Lunch for Kensington and Goldwood can be ordered up to 30 days in advance but must be ordered by 8:00am on the day your child is expecting lunch. Please only order one meal per student per day. 

Milk is served with each lunch as part of the meal.  Students who pack their lunch may purchase milk or juice to drink. The cost is $.50 cents.  There is no need to pre-order juice or milk, students select and pay for milk/juice when they come to lunch.  

EZ Pay Information:

EZ Pay is the portal the district uses for various fees and lunch payments.  A student’s EZ Pay account is charged when a lunch is picked up by the student at lunch time, not when it is ordered in Nutrislice.  If your child is planning to make any purchases, in any of the district cafeterias, please make sure there are funds available in the account.  

You may have noticed parents/guardians have lost the capability to view student account history information, as they had done in years prior.  This is a programming issue with EZ Pay and is being addressed with the company and our district technology team.  We are hoping for a resolution to this issue soon.  In the meantime, if you are interested in viewing what your child is purchasing daily please contact Tina Wasserbauer at [email protected].  She will email you a purchase history report.  

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact Tina Wasserbauer at 440.356.600 or via email at [email protected] 

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