Senior Project
Senior Project Advisors - Candace Hecker email and Joanne Ritschel email
Community Sponsor Phone/Email script
This document provides a script that the student can use when contacting a potential Senior Project Community Sponsor. The script needs to be refined for the particular contact, but the outline is provided to get you started.
Goals and Activities - Draft - Example1
The Goals and Activities form will be sent to you via google docs. It will be due on January 27th - turn in as a hardcopy. It is meant to help you prepare for filling out your Project Application and ultimately to help you plan a successful project.
Community Sponsors
List of past community sponsors
Community Sponsor List
This is a list of Community Sponsors students have worked with on past projects. There is no guarantee that the sponsor is currently available.
Sponsor Evaluation
Due at the end of your project the day before the symposium by 3:45pm. Turn into guidance with your Journal and timesheet in the folder you were given -
Weekly Timesheet
Record your hours. Community Sponsor needs to sign off on the sheet. 50 hours required for the project (25 hr/week average).