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Annual Excellence in Education Awards

Congratulations to Diane Boylan, Brandon Lewis and Sebastian Maher!

2017 Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award

Diane Boylan – Rocky River High School

Presented to one educator from each of Ohio’s sixteen State Support Team regions, who has made extraordinary contributions to the education of students with disabilities.

2017 Outstanding Educator Achievement Award

Diane Boylan – Rocky River High School

The purpose of this award is to recognize, celebrate and honor educators who have provided exemplary instructional strategies and creative programming that promote educational results for students with disabilities.

For the past 29 years, Diane’s knowledge of Special Education, along with her advocacy for all children, has given hundreds of students opportunities their families never thought possible. Her passion and steadfastness have taught dozens of teachers embarking on their careers how to change lives for the better. Diane’s vision, leadership and know-how ensure that anyone working alongside her will work harder, do more and impact lives.

2017 Outstanding Student Achievement Award

Brandon Lewis – Rocky River High School

The purpose of this award is to recognize, celebrate and honor students with disabilities and acknowledge their outstanding achievements, both academic and non-academic.

Since preschool, Brandon has always been a courteous, kind, grateful and motivated young man. He is passionate about sports and hopes to one day become a sports announcer. His drive, enthusiasm and positive attitude have led to an admirable level of independence that will serve him well as he attends Kent State University this fall.

2017 Outstanding Peer Achievement Award

Sebastian Maher – Goldwood Primary School

The purpose of this award is to recognize, celebrate and honor student peers who have established meaningful relationships and are exemplary role models for others.

Sebastians’s teachers know they can count on him to set an example for his peers by showing them what it means to be a polite listener, an active participant, and a good friend. His readiness to be a playmate, a lesson partner, or a field trip companion make all students feel as though they have a friend who respects their needs. In the past year, Sebastian has become a better version of himself through his hard work and his devotion to others.