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Student G Suite Accounts Changed to Domain
July 19, 2017  - 4 PM
We ran into an issue with some of the accounts and have to re-run the migration, which should be done by Saturday.  An update will be posted here once the second migration is finished.
Dianna Foley

July 14, 2017
Student G Suite (formerly called Google Apps) accounts have been changed from the domain to the domain. 

All content in students’ G Suite accounts, including Gmail and any Google Sites they have created, will be moved. Students will keep the same username and password. The only thing that will change is the domain: will become

In order to migrate the accounts, it will be necessary to shut down the account while the transfer is in progress and students will not have access to any of the G Suite services for about 4 days. Student accounts in the domain will be shut down on Friday, July 14 and the data will be migrated over the weekend. The new accounts should be ready by Tuesday, July 18. The old G Suite account will no longer be accessible after July 14.

Once the migration is complete, students will login to their G Suite account with the same username and password and the new domain. (Example:
Login here:

Please contact Dianna Foley if you have any questions.