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RRHS Stadium Wrap
The Rocky River Campus Foundation, headed by Mr. Gregg Mylett, Mr. David Furry, Mr. Todd Milenius, Mr. Vic Rauser and Mr. Rick Picola, has generously donated the funds for the new Stadium Wrap (pictured left). The Campus Foundation, which is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, has funded many landscaping projects throughout the District, such as the RRHS Commons Courtyard, RRHS Science Courtyard and various other landscaping projects Districtwide. Through the Foundations vision and overwhelming generosity, the aesthetics of our schools has been improved, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for students. 

The Rocky River Campus Foundation relies on private donations to fund all RRCSD related projects they undertake. Should you wish to become involved with or donate to the Rocky River Campus Foundation, please visit their website at for additional information.