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OneView Parent Portal - Online Forms

This year our district will be using OneView Parent Portal, an online service where parents go to verify the directory information we have on file for their child(ren), make changes if necessary, and submit all beginning-of-the-year forms electronically (Emergency Medical Authorization, Internet/Email Use, Photo Permission, Junior/Senior Option, Athletics/Activities, etc). OneView will replace InfoSnap, which was the system we used last year.

Note: Parents who enrolled a new student for the 2017-2018 school year since January, 2017 do not need to submit a beginning of year form for that student. The information on the online form used during enrollment will be copied over to the beginning of year form and submitted for you.

Create OneView Parent Portal Accout

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Create a parent account.
  3. For registration status, please choose "I have student(s) already in the district".
  4. Click on "Attach students to your account" in the upper right hand corner, under "My Account and Profile" (A student can only be attached to one parent account.)
  5. Add your child to the account. (An email was sent to the parent's primary email address on 7/18/17 and contained the student ID.  This ID is the same one your child uses for their G Suite account, without any leading zeros.  Example, if the student ID is 001234, just use 1234. )
  6. Once your child is attached to the account, click "View Online Forms" and select the form to complete and submit.
  7. There is a link to EzPay on the Dashboard Homepage, under "Parent Links"
  8. Directions with screenshots are available here.

For assistance with your OneView Parent Portal Account, please email or call 440-356-6000.

RRMS and RRHS Athletics/Activities: Parents with RRMS and RRHS students who participate in athletics/activities must submit their forms online prior to practice starting in August. Parents will also have the option of uploading their child’s physical form. If you do not have access to a scanner, please submit a paper copy of the physical form to the RRMS coach/advisor or RRHS office. You have the ability to print a copy of your child's EMA from your OneView parent Portal Account. Online forms for students participating in athletics/activities must be submitted by July 26, 2017 to allow for processing by the athletics department prior to practice starting on August 1, 2017. Please call athletics/activities secretary Shannon Omahen starting July 24 at 356-6000 ext. 6803 if you need assistance.

Your child’s room assignment (Goldwood & Kensington) or schedule (RRMS & RRHS) will be emailed to you if you submit the online form AND pay the school fees using EZ Pay. If you pay your school fees using EZ Pay before the first day of school, the convenience fee will be waived.

GPS and KIS Room Assignments: If online forms are submitted & fees paid before 11 PM on 8/14/17, your child’s room assignment will be emailed to you on 8/15/17.

RRMS and RRHS Schedules: If online forms are submitted & fees paid before 11 PM on 8/8/17, your child's schedule will be emailed to you on 8/9/17.

EZ Pay:

If you submit your form and pay school fees online, you will not need to go to the in-person fee pay and schedule pickup. The EZ Pay convenience fee will be waived until 8/21/17. The traditional in-person fee pay and schedule pickup will also be available – see school home pages for times and dates.


Please direct all questions about room assignments or schedules to your child's school. Offices re-open on Tuesday, August 8, 2017.

Office Numbers

Goldwood Primary School: 356-6000 ext. 6720

Kensington Intermediate School: 356-6000 ext. 6770

Rocky River Middle School: 356-6000 ext. 6870

Rocky River High School: 356-6000 ext. 6800