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National History Day

Congratulations to the 2017 National History Day winners at Region 3 on Saturday, March 4, 2017. A record 23 students from the Rocky River City School District qualified for the NHD Ohio History Day state competition, to be held on Saturday, April 29 at Ohio Wesleyan University.


Group Exhibits

  • Winston Churchill and the Battle of Britain: Adam Hackett , Thomas Krizman , Dylan Smith
  • Taking a stand against “The Four Horsemen of Calumny”: The vocal opponents of McCarthyism: Chris Feighan, Jimmy Guarente


Individual Exhibits

  • Hungarian Revolution 1956: Standing Up to Soviets: Kati Solymosi
  • Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' (1962): Marybeth Curtis


Group Websites


Individual Website


Freshmen Exhibit

  • Alice Paul: Standing Up for Women's Suffrage: Luciana Cina, Elisa Cintron , Amanda Cini


Middle School Exhibit

  • JFK: "We Choose To Go To the Moon": Hannan Paulin , Madison Preston , Jenna Marler , Christina Gillespie , Erin Cain



  • Battle of Lake Erie: Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry: Colin Walsh , Paul Nicolosi , Zach Martin
  • Woman's Suffrage Movement in Ohio: Maggie Blossey
  • John Laurens: Revolutionary War Hero Stands Up Against Slavery: Ali Brugh , Aleksandra Dunjic, Ella Mathewson
  • Battle of Fallen Timbers - General "Mad" Anthony Wayne: Gilliana Laudato, Will Triplett, Shelton Trotter