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Key Club
What is Key Club?
Key Club is an internationally recognized service organization that is well respected and provides many scholarships for involved students to college as well as after. While serving the community, volunteers also strive to improve themselves through networking and building connections with one another.
Mission Statement
Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities engage in service, build character, and develop leadership. 
I have a project/volunteer opportunity for Key Club - who do I contact?
Please look at the links on the left and decide which category best fits your volunteer opportunity. Please contact the student coordinator for the group that you feel best fits your needs.
1.  Each member must pay yearly dues.
2.  In addition, members must serve a minimum of forty (40) hours yearly.  It is recommended that students complete ten (10) hours each quarter. A minimum of five (5) hours each quarter must be completed to remain a member in good standing. A minimum of twenty (20) of the forty (40) hours must be Key Club organized events; the remainder may be completed outside the club.
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Key Club Officers
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Key Club Downloads
Download and print to log volunteer hours!
This contract must be signed by all members of Key Club and returned to an officer or advisor.