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HS Jazz Ensemble & Friday Jazz

In 2011-2012, The RRHS Instrumental Music Department announced the creation of an additional jazz performance ensemble.  To accommodate our expanding talent base, we created RRHS Friday Jazz. This ensemble joined our current jazz band, which has been renamed the RRHS Jazz Ensemble, as an outlet for those wishing to perform in the jazz medium.


RRHS Friday Jazz rehearses every Friday morning that school is in session and performs at regularly scheduled home concerts (i.e., Holiday, Winter) and at the February band fundraising dinner.  One additional spring performance is Memorial Day eve (Sunday night) at the Rocky River Park by the lake.


The RRHS Jazz Ensemble continues to rehearse each Tuesday and Thursday morning that school is in session. This group performs at regularly scheduled home concerts as well as travels (e.g., IX center, Retirement homes, Rotary events) as ambassadors of RRHS.  

This group also performs Memorial Day eve (Sunday night) at the Rocky River Park by the lake.



With two bands - one with a heavier schedule and one with a lighter schedule, more students have been able to find a home in a group that matches his/her level of experience and/or level of desired time commitment.



Jazz Ensemble 2016 - 2017

Jazz Ensemble 2016 – 2017

Alto Sax                     Trombone
Margo Alibeckoff       Lily Vandenberg
Kim Taylor                 Jacob Smith
                                   Dante Centuori
Tenor Sax                  
David Stemen              Bass Trombone
Megan Fox                   Nick Valore
Bari Sax                      Keyboards 
Alek Miller                   Adam Hackett
Sophie Manoloff           Bass Guitar
Alex Lenhart                 Leo Traum
Katie Malquest
Nate Fischer                  Vibes
                                       Alicia DeRoma
Jake Weston                   Drums
                                       Yianni Politis
Friday Jazz 2016 - 2017
 Friday Jazz  2016 – 2017
Alto Sax                              Trombone
Will Ridzon                          Chris Read
Nadine El Dabh                    Garrett Morris
Eamon Havemann                Kate Armour
Audrey Peters
Tenor Sax                          Bass Trombone
Daniel Hornig                      Phoebe Dunn
Eric Peters
Dalya Khalife 
Bari Sax                              Kati Solymosi
Grace Suhadolnik                
Trumpet                           Bass
Joshua Olson                     Brandon Zornes
Alec Robertson
Dan Tomazin                     Vibes/Percussion
Jim FitzGibbon                   Paulina Bucaro
Joe Gifford                   Drums
                                           Mark Harrington
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Fundraising Dinner 2018
Sunday 2/11/18 
Jazz in the Park
SUNDAY 5/28/17 - click for report times and event times  
Fund Dinner Schedule 2017
Sunday 2/12/17 

Performance Dates
The most up to date performance info is here. . .

The RRHS Jazz Program will hold auditions in September.  Performances run November through May.
Upcoming Jazz Ensemble Performances:
11/30/16 Perform at CYC -  6:00 pm
(Private Event)
11/30/16 Perform at The Normandy Retirement Center - 7:45 pm
(Semi-Private Event)
12/12/16 Perform at RRHS Holiday Concert - 7:00 pm
(Public Event) 
Friday Jazz to perform at this event as well 
2/12/17 RRHS Bands Fundraising Dinner
(Semi-Private Event)
Friday Jazz to perform at this event as well
3/2/17 Perform at RRHS Winter Concert - 7:00 pm
(Public Event)
Friday Jazz to perform at this event as well
5/28/17 Jazz in the Park (City Hall Park) - 7:00 pm
(Public Event)
Friday Jazz to perform at this event as well
Complete schedule for the day is at the bottom of this page under the personnel lists