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2017 schedule is attached.  (See the bottom of the page for most updated version).
2017 captains are Jill Erml, Sophie Krebs, Sarah Robertson, Grace Sullivan
***SARAH ROBERTSON qualifies for the State Tournament!!! 
***Banquet is Monday, October 30th, at the High School.  See you at 6:30pm in the HS Auditorium!
***Team backpacks are due the night of the banquet, or a check to BSN Sports for $42.50.  Thanks!
Sarah Robertson competes in the State Tournament in Cincinnati on Friday, October 20th.  Go Sarah and Go Pirates! Click at the bottom to see the draw! 
What will I need on the first day of practice?
A racket 
A water bottle (or two)
A snack 
A bag (could be your racket bag, or a little string backpack)
A towel
What forms are due before the first day of practice?
All of the forms required to participate in tennis are on the athletics page of the website and are also on the OneView Parent Portal - so a hard copy on the first day is not necessary if they were submitted online.
At the bottom of this page (and on the athletics page) is a new requirement called, "Lindsay's Law."  Please bring the hard copy of the student/parent signature form to practice on the first day.  It is important, and required to participate.  
What will our uniforms be this season?
This season, we will be wearing maroon tops and white bottoms.  The really unique thing about this year is... you get to truly pick your uniform.  By our first match (August 11th) you need to purchase a maroon top you like and feel comfortable in, as well as a white skirt or shorts that works for you.  This will achieve four things: 1) Keep costs down, 2) Get uniforms quicker, 3) Get the right fit for you, 4) Set a new, cool trend in girls tennis.  Maybe.
Brand name doesn't matter, where you buy it doesn't matter.  Style doesn't even matter.  Maroon top, white bottom.  That's it!  Some girls may buy two different maroon tops, based on style and temperature; others may buy a white skirt and white shorts.  (Don't have to do laundry every night as well).  Totally up to you.  
Will we have anything with RRGT (Rocky River Girls Tennis) that we'll all be wearing?
We will be purchasing "spirit wear" this year.  During the first week of practice, the captains will be presenting you with options for team purchase.  The fundraisers will help keep this cost down, plus you are not required to buy everything either.  
Coach: Ben Purdy
Click here for a preview of the 2017 banquet!
Click here to see Sarah's bracket for the 2017 State Tournament
Click here to follow Sarah as she represents RRGT at the District tournament.
updated 9/12/17
updated 8/25
All the important dates for the upcoming season!