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Fencing Club
Advisor: Sara Kass

Purpose of club:
The purpose of the fencing club is to promote the understanding and knowledge of the sport of fencing. No experience is necessary. 

Club activities:
  • Learn to Fence
  • Foil, Epee, Sabre
  • Competition is available for those interested.
Who can join??
Any student interested in learning to fence. No experience necessary!
In 2007, the RRHS Men's team missed being runners up at Ohio High School State Championships by one touch.
In 2008, the RRHS Men's team became state runners up.
In 2009, the RRHS Women's team, a team consisting of nearly all first year fencer WON Ohio High School State Championships and were featured on Romona's Kids.
Since then, RRHS Women's team have continued to be a regional power house, winning States in 2014, 2013, 2011, 2010.  
Any Rocky River Student is welcome to discover the fun of fencing and become part of this award winning club. We are not a varsity program, however, we train like it. Students do not need to compete to be part of the program. However, it is what we train do to.
And, with the history of the team, who knows what 2015 will bring. We encourage students to join us and find out!

About the Coach
Coach Sara Kass has been involved in the sport of fencing for over 35 years.

Competitively, she has been ranked in the top 24 junior and collegiate fencers in her day. She's been a national final. She has been one of the top lady fencers in the Great Lakes Section.  In 2013, she represented the USA at the Maccabiah Games in Israel, winning her event, the 40 and over women's foil. She was a finalist at the 2014 US Fencing National Championships, finishing 7th in the 50-59 Women's Foil.
Organizationally, she was Great Lakes Section Chair for nearly a decade, a member of the United States Fencing Association National Board, numerous positions in the local organization of fencing. She has brought national events to Greater Cleveland.
In addition to training the Rocky River High School Club, she owns her own fencing studio, Cyrano's Place in Lakewood.

The RRHS Fencing Club was first created by the efforts of Katalin Blankenship and Joe Kostas.

Season Highlights include, James Clark wins the saber at W. Geauga Wolverine Snowbelt Challenge, with teammates Eli Fishelson placing 3rd in Men's Epee and Gabriella Ruffus placing 3rd in Women's Epee. 
Ohio HS State Championship Results 
Women's team win Ohio HS Championship, again
Top 8 results at Ohio High School State Champs are as follows:
Women's Saber 5th Winni Gao, 7th Alexi Janke
Men's Saber 6th James Clark
Men's Foil 8th Aiden Gillespie 
 Ohio HS State Championship results
Women's team wins states
Top 8 results
Women's Epee 6th Rebecca Shaffer, 7th Gabriella Ruffus,
Women's Foil 5th Alexis Burnley, 6th Jasiah Scribner. 7th Rebecca Sloan
Women's Saber 2nd Rebecca Sloan, 3rd Alexis Janke 
Ohio HS State Championship results
Women's team are runners up
Top 8 results
Men's Epee 7th Chris Moeller
Women's Epee 2nd Rebecca Shaffer, 3rd Gabriella Ruffus, 6th Alexis Janke, 7th Alexis Burnley
Women's Foil 3rd Alexis Burnley, 6th Kathryn Rieg
Women's Saber 7th Alexis Janke, 8th Chloe Alibeckoff 
Ohio HS State Championship results
Women win Team event
Top 8 results 
Women's Epee  3rd Mary Burns. 6 Alexis Burnley, 7th Rachel Sloan
Women's Foil 3rd Mary Burns, 5th Liz Huller, 6th Rachel Sloan, 7th Ashley Aboundar, 8th Alexis Burnley
Women's Saber 5th Mary Burns, 6th Jennifer Pease, 7th Liz Huller 
Women win W. Geauga Wolverine Snowbelt Challenge. Men place 2nd.

The 2008-2009 Season, 
The club started from ground zero. Returning from the prior years roster on the women's team was Taylor Hall, Chelsey Salberg, and Joy Yingling. On the men's side, the entire team graduated, minus returning Paul Lenahan.
However, the women's program had an incredible year of recruiting. The women won every team cup available: Rocky River Invitational, Wolverine Snowbelt, and Ohio High School State Championships. For the first time, the program had a complete squad.
Highlights of the team season include Taylor Hall re-earning her rating of 'E', as well as teammates Mary Burns and Liz Huller earning their rating in their first season of competition.
Mary Burns earned the title of 'Secret Weapon' because of her incredible results at Ohio High School Championships. She would be the only Lady Pirate to break top 4, with a 2nd place finish in Saber. This accompanied top RRHS result of 7th in Epee, having beaten out her sister, Kat who finished 10th. And, in foil, she would trail teammates Kiah Bransch 9, and Taylor Hall 10 by finishing 12th.
2007-2008 Season
After a frustrating finish to the 2006-2007, returning Seniors Andrew Brehm and John Huebner were determined to pick up where there prior teammate had left off. Their recruiting efforts paid off. They would finish 2nd in the state.
2006-2007 Season
With a strong return of some of the clubs original members, the men's team looked strong, but just needed a bit more oomf. They finished 2nd at the Rocky River invitational. By the time Ohio High School State Championships rolled around, they were looking good, but things would be close, too close in fact. The men's program would finish 3rd by one touch. There had been plenty of different times throughout the weekend that one touch could have changed their overall placement. But it just wasn't going to happen this season.
2005-2006 Season
This was the first season that the team started gearing up to compete on the state level. Top results go to team Captain, Elle Brennan who finished 9th in Epee.
2004-2005 Season
Top results go to team Captain Katalin Blankenship with a 7th place finish at Ohio High School State Championships.
2003-2004 Season
Joe Kostas and Katalin Blankenship get the fencing club started at Rocky River High School.
Katalin Blankenship places 2nd in Foil and 6th in Epee at Ohio High School State Championships.