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Credit Flexibility


In 2006, the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Core Curriculum (Senate Bill 311), which raised expectations for what all Ohio students must know and be able to do to earn a high school diploma.1 At the same time, Senate Bill 311 directed the State Board of Education to develop a statewide plan for implementing methods for students to earn units of high school credit based on the demonstration of subject area competency. In addition to raising the expectations for graduation, lawmakers provided flexibility to students and educators to successfully meet these higher expectations.


--Ohio Department of Education. 2009. New Emphasis On Learning

Flexible credit applies to any alternative coursework, custom learning activity, assessment, and/or performance that demonstrate proficiency qualified to be awarded equivalent credit toward graduation as applied for and approved in advance by the district. Approved credit awarded will be posted on the student’s transcript, calculated into the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA), and counted as required graduation credit in the related subject area or as an elective.

The school district will communicate the Credit Flexibility Program Information and Guidelines annually on the district website and in the RRHS course catalog and student handbook. If interested, a student must initiate the request to take a course or earn credit via Credit Flexibility.  Please see your school counselor for more information.



 1 Ohio Core raised the graduation requirements to 4 units of mathematics (including Algebra II or equivalent) and 3 units of science (including a lab based science).

The 2017-18 application is currently under review and will be available at the start of 2nd semester.