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The Course Catalog is developed each year to provide students and families the necessary information for making sound choices in course selection. Descriptions of our courses, credit values, prerequisites, and the relevant recommendation process enables students and parents to make challenging but appropriate course selections. Information has also been included to address Graduation Requirements, Athletic Eligibility, and a host of other related topics.

Our master schedule of classes and teacher assignments are student driven. Courses are offered and teaching staff assigned to those courses based upon the number of students who request to take them. Schedule changes can impact class sizes and course offerings. Please understand before selections are made that schedule changes will only be approved by the administration if it is determined that a student was misplaced, a technical error was made during data entry, or a master schedule change occurs.

Please take the time to ask questions of our professional staff to make the best, most informed decisions. We stand ready to assist each family with charting a course towards success.