RRHS Lacrosse

On Sunday April 19, Shane Haddad was officially introduced as a member of the 2015 RRHS Boy’s Lacrosse Team.  Shane has served all season  as an honorary member and captain of the team and along with PJ Sperli, Nick Rodgers and Joey Artiste is one of the team leaders this spring.  Through a non-profit, Friends of Jaclyn, the team "adopted" Shane Haddad, a 9 year old Rocky River resident.  Shane is as strong as they come fighting brain cancer for 5 years and our team and will serve as a slight outlet for him and his family while we play the game that we love. Shane and his two sisters received the same white shooting shirt we wear as members of our team. Some games they will be in attendance, many they will not. We hope to store them in our hearts each time we think we are having a tough day since none are as hard as Shane's.  
Head Coach: Chris Skinner
Contact Coach Skinnner at rrhsboyslacrosse@rrcs.org 
 Photo Links
Linda Kanner has coordinated with Kent Klodnick to set up a folder for 2015 RRHS LAX photos in his SmugMug account. I know there are several folks who have been taking pictures so please upload your photos into EITHER of the following folders by clicking on the links below. Our goal for the season is to capture as many fun, action, team shots as possible.
Kent Klodnick's Smug Mug Upload Ability
Photos from St. Ed's and Jackson
Photos from games 
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