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1.      Each student will need to complete all 5 fitness tests

1.     Sit and Reach

2.     Sit-ups

3.     Pull-ups

4.     Shuttle Run

5.     Mile Run (or Pacer Test)

*Fall scores will be used for students with medical excuses

2.    Each student will be ranked by their results in individual tests according to their position in completing the tests.  (For example, if a student were 2ndfastest in the mile run, they would have 2 points.  If they were 5thhighest in sit-ups, they would receive 5 points. etc.)

3.      The point value from each test will be added together.  The students will then be ranked according to the lowest scores.

4.     Students who have earned all A’s, 1’s and 2’s in conduct and effort for all three years in fitness class will maintain their ranking.

5.     Students who have earned grades other than A’s and all 1’s and 2’s in conduct and effort grades in fitness class will have their ranking adjusted as follows:

-Students who earn a B or a 3 in conduct or effort during their 8thgrade year will  no longer be eligible for the trip. 

- Students who have earned a C in fitness class will no longer be eligible .

- Students who have earned 1 B will move down 3 ranking positions

- Students who have earned 2 B’s will move down 3 positions for the first B and  an additional 6 positions for the second B.

6.  Once all students have been ranked and rankings have been adjusted for grades, the top 20 female and top 20 male students will be invited to go on the trip.

7.  Should a student decline to go on the trip, the next student will be invited.

8.  Once all 40 students have been identified, we will have a short timeline to collect all of the necessary forms and fees. This timeline will be strictly enforced.  If the timeline is not followed, the next eligible student will be invited to attend.  We expect the fitness trip to cost approximately $220.00 this year.